If you are considering cutting ties with OnlyFans and are concerned about the fate of your pending money, rest assured that as long as you exhibit patience during the standard payout processing period, your pending funds will be securely and promptly delivered to you.

OnlyFans Payout Process

Let’s quickly go over how the OnlyFans payout process works. This will help you get a better understanding of when and how that pending cash makes its way into your pocket.

  • Payout Frequency: OnlyFans typically processes payouts on a 7-day rolling basis. This means that once you’ve reached the minimum payout amount, you’ll receive your earnings every seven days.
  • Payout Threshold: You’ll need to reach the minimum payout amount, which varies depending on your chosen payout method and location.
  • Payout Methods: You can choose from a range of payout methods, such as direct deposit, wire transfer, or e-wallet services.

Deleting Your OnlyFans Account

Before you delete your OnlyFans account there are a few things that you should know as a creator:

  • Permanent Deletion: Deleting your OnlyFans account is a permanent action. This means that once it’s gone, it’s gone for good, and you won’t be able to recover any content, messages, or data.
  • Subscription Refunds: Before deleting your account, keep in mind that your subscribers may request refunds for any unused subscription time. Be prepared for potential refund requests and how they may affect your pending earnings.

Will You Get Your Pending Money If You Delete Your Account?

pending money

Yes, OnlyFans will still process and pay out any pending earnings in your account, even if you delete it.

You’ll need to wait for the standard payout processing time (remember the 7-day rolling basis?) before your pending earnings are sent to your chosen payout method.

P.S Your payout amount might change if someone requests a refund and OnlyFans grants it.

Tips Before Deleting OnlyFans

Communicate with Your Subscribers: Let your fans know about your decision to leave the platform and provide them with any relevant info or updates.

Consider Backup Options: Download and save any content or data you want to keep before deleting your account.

Wrap Up!

In a nutshell, if you’ve decided to part ways with OnlyFans and want to delete your account, it’s important to know the ins and outs of the process. Remember that deleting your account is a permanent action, so make sure you’re absolutely certain before taking the plunge.

As for your pending earnings, rest assured that you’ll still receive your money after your account is deleted, as long as you wait for the standard payout processing time.

There’s also an option to block certain countries and states on OnlyFans, perhaps that can change your mind on the account deletion?

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