Jumping into OnlyFans can feel like a daring debacle for most. With many not wanting to expose everything to the public, its quite understandable that you want to start OnlyFans without showing your face.

Fret not, timid creator, there’s a lot of success to be had in the platform faceless or not. So, in this article, I’m going to be going over exactly how you can start OnlyFans without showing your face alongside some tips and tricks that’ll keep you anonymous for days to come.

Getting Verified

OnlyFans requires you to identify yourself via your ID and fill out Tax Forms to ensure that you are taxed according to the State / region you live in. Now, a lot of no-face creators might find this step dodgy, but no worries, OnlyFans will never expose your real name to your audience.

When filling out your information and verifying yourself, fill out your real name and use your stage name (we’ll talk about that in just a second), as your business name. For instance, if your real name is Miranda Johns, that should be what you use for your tax info.

And, for your business name, you can feel free to pick out your stage name. In essence, you will need to provide OnlyFans with accurate information that can be substantiated. 

If, for instance, you are already verified, then you can change your name accordingly by heading to Edit Profile and changing both your Display Name and Username to whatever you prefer.

Pick Out A Stage Name

Now that your OnlyFans account is verified and set up, it’s time to pick out a stage name! I recommend picking out a name that resonates with your particular niche. For instance, a Japanese name if you are picking out the anime niche and so on.

One particular point to note though is to make sure that your username is available on all social media platforms. This is because you are going to be advertising it a lot and having the same username ensures that your profile remains intact and cohesive on all platforms.

Advertise Effectively

OnlyFans doesn’t have discovery like other social media platforms. So, someone won’t be able to type in your niche and see your profile pop up. Instead, they’ll have to type in your exact name to be able to get to your profile.

This is where having a cohesive username comes in. You will need to advertise on other platforms a lot. One particular platform I recommend that tends to be ignored is Reddit. You can easily hop onto niche-specific sub-Reddits and target users present there.

By pressing out some NSFW or SFW content depending on how you want to go about it, you’ll easily be able to create an audience that you can then send to your OnlyFans platform for some proper content ultimately turning them into paying customers.

Throughout your advertising, ensure that you aren’t using your real name or showing your face in any meaningful way. Otherwise, there is a chance that you can get spotted as these platforms tend to be used by a wider audience.

Hide Points of Identification

Being a no-face creator means that you value your anonymity above all else. This means hiding your points of identification. While quite an obvious point, you’d be surprised to know at how often I’ve been able to spot some issues within a no-face creator’s posts that can be used to identify them.

Be aware of all your scars and tattoos. Also, ensure that you aren’t posting yourself in an easily recognizable room or have some sort of landmark or identifiable address in the photo itself. Moreover, I wouldn’t recommend posting yourself in your own house / room if you can’t de-clutter it very well.

Otherwise, it can be used to spot you quite easily.

Hide Your Geographical Information

OnlyFans allows you to block certain users and also lets you block entire countries and States as well. So, if you are operating within a certain geographical locality where you wish to maintain utmost anonymity, blocking that region is the obvious choice.

Never Disclose Your Voice

Unless and until you really are into the ASMR niche, there’s no reason for you to disclose your voice. This is because your voice can immediately act as an identifier for those who know you in real life. But, if you really want to talk, I recommend using a voice changer. Here are a few voice changers I recommend:

Do note though, someone tech-savvy can easily decipher your voice from a voice changer if they really want to identify you. This is why I recommend not using one unless its absolutely necessary.

Focus On Everything Other Than Your Face

Easier said than done, a lot of no face creators I’ve seen over the years tend to really drive the fact that they’re anonymous. This leads them to have cryptic, weird mysterious personalities that just feel forced.

Rather than dehumanizing yourself, I recommend owning up to your persona and interacting with your audience in other ways. For instance, you can focus more on your body, your niche, and your angles, and shots rather than revolving your entire persona on your facelessness.

While some may consider it a disadvantage, it is a natural stepping stone to providing content that still feels friendly while also preserving your sacred anonymity. 

Do No Face Creators Make Less On OnlyFans?

Yes, no face creators make less on OnlyFans. This is because no matter how hard you try, you still won’t be able to establish the same level of intimacy and interactivity that someone who is showing their entire self can.

Not to worry though, while you probably won’t be the highest-paid OnlyFans profile, you’ll still be able to rake in a decent sum from a few hundred to thousands of dollars per month without showing your face. It all depends on your other assets (quite literally), and how you end up setting yourself up on stage.

There are a ton of creators on OnlyFans who don’t show their faces and have still seen resounding success on the platform. So, it deepens on how much effort you put in and whether you pick your niche wisely to get the best results possible.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can you be successful on OnlyFans without showing face?

Yes, you can be successful on OnlyFans without showing your face. A lot of no-face creators make hundreds and thousands of dollars each month by promoting other parts of their bodies besides their faces.

Can you secretly start an OnlyFans?

Yes, you can secretly start your own OnlyFans by verifying yourself, hiding your face, and then geo-blocking your entire region to ensure no one finds out. Then, make sure that you don’t post photos or content in places that are immediately recognizable.

Can you hide yourself on OnlyFans?

Yes, OnlyFans has no rule that prevents you from hiding yourself on the platform. 

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