A lot of OnlyFans users wish to take screenshots on the platform to save for personal use, and there’s nothing illegal in that; it gets illegal only if you distribute the content further then you violate the terms of service of the OnlyFans platform.

Can You Take Screenshots on OnlyFans? (Legally)

According to OnlyFan’s terms of service, providing access to anyone who isn’t directly subscribed to a creator is a direct violation of their ToS. There is no explicit statement about screenshotting a particular creator’s content.

This begs the question, if we aren’t going to spread the screenshots that we’ve taken to third parties, are we allowed to take them then? Technically, yes, you can take screenshots on OnlyFans for personal use. This is because you have already paid to access that content in the first place.

So, for example, if you want to save some specific content on your device for later use, you can do that as long as you don’t share this content further with other people or re-sell it.

If you are caught sharing the copyrighted content (screenshots) for commercial/non-commercial reasons with any entity that has not paid for the images, legal action can be taken against you. You can be fined/prosecuted for doing so. Organizations protect many Onlyfans models, so I would advise you to take screenshots only for your personal use.

OnlyFans tend to take creator protection and their legal rights very seriously. So, we would strictly advise you not to go down that route.

How To Screenshot On OnlyFans

Screenshotting on OnlyFans is the same as any other platform. Contrary to popular belief, you are not greeted with a black screen like you would if you screenshotted on Netflix. There is no restriction barring you from screenshotting pictures or chats on OnlyFans.

Do OnlyFans Creators Get Notified When You Take A Screenshot?

No, Onlyfans creators do not get notifications if someone takes a screenshot. Most of the models actually don’t mind that their followers take screenshots for personal use, as long as the content is not distributed any further.

What Do Onlyfans Models Think Of Screenshots?

I contacted Danelia Summers that’s a professional Onlyfans model, and I asked her opinion on the matter here is her answer:

“I know a lot of my subscribers take screenshots of my content and sometimes even from our conversations because they ask me for permission and I’m sure many don’t even ask, and I don’t mind. As long as they are saving the pictures for personal use and don’t distribute my content to other third parties(this will get them in a lot of trouble), that’s totally fine by me. They have paid for the content, it’s their right to save it and take a look at it whenever they want.

I love the fact that many of my subscribers ask for permission. That just shows me they are real sweethearts.

TLDR: Models don’t mind that you take screenshots. As long as you don’t distribute it to third parties or resell them.

What Should You Do If Someone Distributes Your OnlyFans Content?

If you discover unauthorized distribution of your content, you should promptly contact OnlyFans support, providing details and evidence of the incident. Simultaneously, document the unauthorized distribution with screenshots and consider issuing takedown requests on external platforms where the content has been shared.


Does Onlyfans notify screenshots?

No, OnlyFans has no way of identifying whether you have taken a screenshot in the first place, so no creator is informed. The same applies to video recordings and chats too. So, you can screenshot all you want, and there will be no black screens or notifications annoying you whatsoever. 

Can OnlyFans Find Out If I Took A Screenshot?

No, OnlyFans has no way to find out if you have screenshotted a chat. In fact, only applications like Snapchat can ever find out if you’ve taken a screenshot, and now also Instagram. This is because they are applications that are allowed on your phone that can identify when someone has pressed the required buttons to take a screenshot.

Onlyfans is not an applications, it’s a website.

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