Whatever you have heard, getting paid followers on Onlyfans isn’t easy. It’s hard work you need to have discipline, you need to advertise daily, and only then can you get paying subs.

One of the platforms that have worked for me is – Reddit.

Girls often tell me that Reddit is hard, confusing, and unorthodox. I agree. You have to get used to it. I’ve been on Reddit for a few months now(with my OF account), and I can tell you if you’re consistent enough and create content on daily basis, you can get 100+ subs per day. That’s my experience, but you have to keep in mind that my Onlyfans account is free.

I’ll create a guide, so you can succeed on Reddit, so without further ado, let’s get to it.

Create an Account

It’s pretty obvious. You need to create an account, you need to confirm your email and add a profile picture and we can start.

You will notice that Reddit will show you how old is your account and how much Karma you have, these are important stats when it comes to promoting your Reddit.

To deter spam, many NSFW subreddits mandate that users meet specific account criteria, such as a minimum karma score and account age.

When you create your account, you need patience, and you need to start earning Karma.

Earn Karma

This is what I did when I had a new account and I needed Karma. I found subreddits that I’m slightly interested in, such as /r/funny, /r/tinder, /r/memes, etc.

For instance, I chose to browse through /r/funny by selecting the “new” posts option and perusing the subreddit until I discovered a post that struck my funny bone and inspired me to leave a witty comment.

Same with other subreddits.

You can also browse the trending posts, but it will be harder to post a comment that will get noticed since there are already 100+ comments, in this scenario I suggest you reply to the top comments with something relevant and funny.

I recommend doing this until you have 500+ karma. If you are witty and lucky you can get it with a single comment. But that’s quite rare. I personally tried to write 10+ comments per day until I got where I needed to be.

I wouldn’t rush this, because most of the subreddits require your account to be 7+ days old to start posting some 30+ days, and some even more. (they change the requirements often)

Find Your NSFW Subreddits

Now that you have Karma it’s time to start advertising. There are thousands of NSFW subreddits. But you have to find your niche.

To get started, I’ll list some universal subreddits that should work for all girls:

Ass behind thong
Fullback panties
Real Bikinis
Girls in Leather
Thigh Highs
Clothed for prejacs
Booty shorts
Girls in leggings
Hot girls in leggings

I think the subreddits are self-explanatory, so I won’t go into detail. Before posting I recommend you read the guidelines for each subreddit, just to make sure you are not violating any rules.

Here are a handful of subreddits that only require a modest amount of karma and account age to participate in. When you grow you can expand to others. These definitely aren’t the biggest ones.

Start Posting

I listed 22 subreddits. It’s a lot. But if you want to grow your account and make money you should prepare a piece of content for each subreddit daily. That’s a lot. 22-pieces of content on daily basis is almost crazy. 22 x 7 = 154 pictures/gifs.

Let’s take one example. /r/thongs.

You need 7 pictures/gifs only for this subreddit. I recommend making each post unique. Don’t try to just make the picture/gif slightly different, Put on new thongs for each picture, alter the pose, alter the background, etc. Otherwise, the followers will see you as a spammer, instead of a content creator. I would also recommend you focus on creating gifs instead of pictures, those work a bit better for me.

If you have created content before you will know that you should prepare to content for the whole week instead of creating new content each day. It will save you time.

With time you will figure out which subreddits work for you and which don’t, when you have figured that out it’s time to remove the ones that are not working and add some new ones.

Schedule Your Posts

In order to save time, I like to schedule things. You should too. I personally use Social-rise. It’s a great tool that will save you time and get better results. I’ll explain.

schedule your reddit posts with social rise and promote your onlyfans

  • You go to Post Scheduler:
  • You add a link where your picture/gif is located whether it’s Imgur or redgifs
  • You add title
  • You enter the subreddit where you want to post it
  • You enable the NSFW tag
  • You pick a time. I recommend picking “the best time” (social rise will post your picture when the subreddit is most active”

You can publish your post in multiple subreddits at once, but I wouldn’t recommend this. Many subreddits have bots that will detect that you have posted it somewhere else and you can get banned for that, so I recommend one picture/gif per one subreddit.

In the beginning, I would also recommend that you publish your posts manually, so you understand the subreddits better and can get to know their rules and guidelines.

Should You Respond To Reddit Comments?

When you will start posting you will receive comments, and you will receive messages. Now should you respond to the messages and comments that’s a difficult question. You can’t really measure if that will add to your following, but I personally do.

I go through the comments once or twice a day and reply. I try to keep it light and engaging since it’s the first step of the funnel before I can actually get them to my Onlyfans page and interact.

Another great feature that Social-Rise offers is auto-messages. As soon as someone adds a comment under your post you can send them pre-made auto-message.

Can I Promote on Reddit Without Showing My Face?

A lot of girls start Onlyfans without really wanting to reveal their faces. But can you promote it on Reddit? The answer is yes. There are plenty of girls that do that. Let’s list some examples.

xLovelyAdrianax – almost 2 million karma and you won’t see her face
WhiteCrush – 600 000 karma and face still not shown
Pearl(Cutegeekie) – over 2 million karma and she hasn’t revealed her face

I don’t know these girls personally, perhaps they do reveal their face on Onlyfans, but perhaps they don’t. But it is possible to make money without showing your face.

Can I Promote on Reddit Without Nudity?

You absolutely can, I honestly think that’s the perfect way. Because guys like that there are things left for imagination and that will be a itch that they eventually will want to scratch.

Here are some account that promote on Reddit successfully without revealing their bodies.

Alittlenekko – Over 300 000 karma, she hasn’t shown her face or her naked body
BabeBareFoot – Over 1 million karma, she has revealed her face but hasn’t shown her body


There are girls that only promote on Reddit, and they are in the 1%. That’s all you need. You need to master one channel to be successful.

Is it as easy as I made it sound? Yes. The hard part is creating content. You have to go through the subreddits to find your niche. As soon as one subreddit works you just have to stay consistent. Posting every single day no matter how tired you feel and you will get there.

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