With over 11 million followers on IG, Twitter and Youtube, Kayleigh “Viking Barbie” Swenson is the hot-pocket of the adult industry. She’s been nominated for the maiden title of Playboy twice & is up to slay the OF game with her libido! 

She’s the bold, beautiful daughter of Jeep Swenson but does her OF scene carry weight? We’ll dive into that in this Viking Barbie OnlyFans review

OnlyFans Username@viking.doll
FetishPOV videos, BJs and custom videos
Number of Likes274.1K
Number of Posts274.1K
Number of Photos/Videos1.3k/1.4k
Top FeaturesLubed funContent X

Viking Barbie OnlyFans review summary

What I like about her OnlyFans service is she sends a weekly ‘wild-clip’ and ‘free-news’ of XXX content BJs, ejaculation, cootie-booties, pillows, and what not — HAHA! 

She’s a renowned name for virtual Sloppy BJs and dirty talk via POV where she gaga!! The most drooling thing about her is she asked me what I wanted to do to her!! 

Additionally, she would also ask her daddys (loyal subscribers like myself, except I’m a girl and just stalking her) to strip her down, tease her and massage her clit till you find the G-spot!! 

The catch is she gives a taste of her content and then you can pay-per-view on the page for the complete content. She charges dirt-chip, like $3 for an explicit video?! Hook me up (again)! 

The video prices are anywhere between $3 to $10. The video quality is HD. The only let-down is that she rarely posts content or perhaps not enough, in my opinion.

Viking Barbie OnlyFans Content Reviewed

Kayleigh Swenson, also known as “filthy F#%* toy” or “Moonbabe” is an American musician, song-writer, hotel hooker and an Only Fans model brimming with benevolent tattoos on her body and comes with cute nips and big bank. 

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Although she’s had a modest body-count she’s known to make sizzling hot threesomes with Emily Knight and Dakota James and has a nice pair of tatas. As of now she’s got 177 posts on her OF feed. 

I’ve known her from her modeling days and as soon as I caught wind of her OF, I had to get-on to do Viking Barbie onlyfans review

It turns out she offers previews of POV videos via DMs and charges nada! In terms of monthly fees, her regular price is $10. She charges differently for videos depending on the size of it. I got her VIP page subscription (non-existent anymore) because I liked to catch up on her “live marathons’ seeing her protein-powered perfect body in action. 

She’s interested in collaborations with her OF girls (i.e: Toochi, bunnievip, Violet Summers, Dakota). Like every sweetheart in the OF scene she takes all kinds if requests like fucking neighbors, filming BJs while getting caught, etc for mad-crazy discounts. 

She’s removed all her OF content from other platforms and monopolized and capitalized on her Only Fans VIP page. Crazy thing, she’s got a heart for every loyal subscriber.

She also does cosplays with foreplay, if you know what I mean. I loved her slaying OF with her Chucky and Bride of Chucky STRAP ON on fuck show. She also did a threesome with Dakota and a door-dash guy. 

When she’s with her girls, she gets creative and shoves vibrators down her you-know-what and makes a hot mess, cream-pie ing her besties (Mia Malkova, Violet Summers, etc.). 

From riding faces, licking vags and shoving vibrators down her pot-holes she’d do anything to keep your pp on your ppv. 

Viking Barbie is also one of the top Instagram models with Onlyfans

Viking Barbie OnlyFans Pictures

To get a taste of this Texan babe’s OF I had to dive to her IG to feast on her juicy thighs, immaculate tats and also her aspiring music career. 

The first thing I noticed on her Insta is she’s a fitness nut, she follows a protein-powered diet that involves chicken, eggs, bacon, and green veggies. 

If you are wondering what you will get on her OF page – much more, to say the least. All sorts of spicy things.

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