With over 1.5 million followers on IG and 515K subscribers on Twitter, Baywatch star and musician Carmen Electra on her 50th birthday decided to chime into OnlyFans to slay the game with her “Naughty or Nice” snapshots that got her 300K likes and still counting! 

But is the hype worth it? Today we’ll be diving into Carmen Electra OF, speculate on her content, VIP section and see if it’s worth breaking the bank. 

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Carmen Electra OnlyFans Review Summary

Our Carmen Electra OnlyFans review tell us that her page is worth the lewd feet-pics, cosplay and milf content she’s been regularly sending to her “babes” (subscribers) If you’re looking for an emotional connection with an OnlyFans model along with kinky content and just the right amount of premium porno then do consider Carmen Electra’s OF. 

Her subscription plan is free but her VIP section content costs anywhere between $3 to $50 and comes with all the lewd NSFW content including POV shots, shaving, masturbating and anything the heaviest tipper can ask! You’ll probably not be disappointed with what you’re getting if you have had your eyes on Carmen for a while.

Fret not in the article. We’ll be telling you what this Bay-watch alum-turnt-OF babe is willing to film from strip tease and sex tapes, to everything you’ve ever imagined. 

OnlyFans Username@Carmen Electra
FetishStrip tease/Nudes
Number of Likes293K+
Number of Posts449
Number of Photos/Videos523/99
Top Features“TangerineDream” Shower ThongsStrip Tease

Tara “Carmen Electra” Patrick joined OF in 2022 and has since then brought her suave glamor modeling to the platform. The media sensation has sifted through major ups and downs in life after she tied the knot with NBA giant Denis Rodman. After she separated from Rodman she, along-with her new manager @ThaerMustafa01 signed up for an account on OnlyFans, to curb her popularity on Pornhub took-off via ESPN docu-series “The Last Dance” and is today the top 0.01% of the creators of OF!

As many of you might have known, Carmen Electra joined OnlyFans in May of 2022 and within a short period of time became one of the top earners on the platform, that encouraged her former Baywatch co-star, Donna D’Errico to join the platform with her. 

She told the press that she’s joined Only Fans to express her ‘creative vision’ and ‘be her own boss’. Today she is the creative director of her content and loves “connecting with the fans”.

She also mentioned that she is exploring the space of OnlyFans and expressed gratitude for making it to the top creators on OF. She is pleased with the freedom that comes with creating content for OnlyFans to be exhilarating. Electra also mentioned that she shoots content with her friend Donna D’Errico while hanging out at her place, and the experience is what she calls a “fun project”.

Recently, she revealed an even more exclusive section of her OnlyFans account and the steamy requests fans have been demanding in the VIP section. This VIP section is available for those who wish to indulge in Electra’s steamy content.

Let’s peek into the blonde and beautiful babe Carmen Electra PnlyFans review and boy she’s serious about her copyrighted material but her basic subscription fees is zero — ZIP! 

She’s known for free-chat *gwak* *gwak*, feet-pics, VIP bondage content and much much more! I subscribed to her OF and I don’t need a file cabinet HAHA! So, here I am reviewing Baywatch alum Tara Leigh Patrick’s OnlyFans and let you guys know from personal points if it’s worth jack! 

Carmen Electra OnlyFans reviewed

After she sued several strip clubs for using her image without her consent, Carmen Electra thought it’s a “no-brainer” to get into the OF space. She thinks it’s a safe-place to cash on her porn-hub rapport and her showbiz career. 

As an OF model like myself I’m always interested in these big celebrities joining Onlyfans, what are they showing, how people respond, etc. and when I signed-up she had taken me aback with her $50 bathrobe frontal pic! I dug deeper and can say she brings back classic Playboy magazine vibes with an emotional-esque banter! It’s crazy how she keeps up with the kinky cuties on OF at the age of 50.

Although $50 might sound off-the-wall, she also runs public holiday discounts like ‘Cinco De Mayo’ & ‘May the 4th’ where she brought her VIP sub-price down to $4. That’s worthwhile as she’s posting every single day! Sometimes her presence at OF is spotty but that’s a rare case. She also bundles up sexy flicks for discounted deals like Titty Tuesday! 

Crazy thing is, she makes custom videos and poses as you like, from missionary positions to flashing tatas and is always asking what kind of content her fans are looking for. She also sends private videos and flicks to her subscribers whom she calls babes and warns them to not leak or else ‘there will be consequences’. I understand.

She’s open to new ideas and poses but sometimes gets repetitive and bland like mainstream porn content, but on a positive side she does bring her modeling personality and charm to the OF space (“Tangerine Dream”) trying out cosplays and new outfits that are kinky and sexy.

Interestingly, she is open to sponsorship by aspiring brands to support her free subscription page. 

Then again it’s a fairly good subscription. It’s all orgasmic, promiscuous and piping hot sexy content you would expect from today’s OF plus Electra is atoned with social holidays and national celebration, so I’d say it’s a good idea to invest on her OF. 

Is it worth subscribing to Carmen Electra’s Onlyfans?

If I’m being quite honest – there are better models to follow on Onlyfans, but I understand that Carmen Electra was a childhood fantasy for many, many men, so if you want to fulfill that fantasy – subscribe and fulfill it.

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