Ah, OnlyFans. The platform skyrocketed to fame by providing a space for content creators to monetize their fanbase, but guess what? It’s not the only game in town. If you’re a creator looking for fresh ways to connect with your audience and make some moolah, there’s a whole new world of OnlyFans alternatives just waiting to be explored.

What Is OnlyFans

OnlyFans is a social media platform where creators can share content with their subscribers, who pay a subscription fee to access exclusive photos, videos, and other materials. It’s often used by individuals in various industries, including entertainment, fitness, and adult content creation, to monetize their fan base by offering them unique and premium content.

What Is Considered An Alternative?

An alternative to OnlyFans is a platform that allows creators to share adult content with their audience in exchange for payment.

What Are The Alternatives

The most popular alternatives to OnlyFans are:

  1. Fansly
  2. Fanvue
  3. FanTime
  4. Fanhouse
  5. Pocketstars
  6. MYM.Fans
  7. ManyVids
  8. Fanso
  9. IsMyGirl
  10. OKFans
  11. iFans

1. Fansly

Fansly is a platform that’s quickly gaining popularity as an OnlyFans alternative. It’s a legitimate and safe option for both creators and fans who are interested in adult content. With features like subscriptions, tips, and paying to unlock content packs, Fansly is very similar to OnlyFans.

Fansly is legit and offers a great way for creators to protect their content and information. Creators are paid directly by Fansly, and the platform takes its cut (20%) from the earnings. Fansly offers two-step authentication for credit cards and doesn’t store any billing information, keeping fans’ financial information safe. Creators’ content is also protected from being stolen, and Fansly provides DMCA takedown assistance if needed.

Fansly offers a subscription-based model where creators can have different tiers of subscriptions to provide varying levels of content to fans. Fansly also offers a referral program, which can be a great way for creators to earn more money. While OnlyFans is more well-known and has a larger following, Fansly is a great option for creators who want to ensure their content is protected and their financial information is safe. Fansly pays out earnings to creators once they reach the minimum threshold of $20.

Fansly is highly popular among Russian models. Onlyfans disallowed Russians to continue the work on their platform, and all the models switched to Fansly.

So if you see a model that only has Fansly there’s a good chance she is a Russian.

2. Fanvue


Fanvue is a social subscription platform built and designed with leading creators to redefine the standards of how content creators share, earn, and connect with their following. Their mission is to empower all creators to create, share, and earn on a safe and secure platform. 

At Fanvue, content creators use a subscription system. They set their own prices and can charge subscribers every month (or longer). Subscribers get special access to the creator’s content and can talk directly with them using Direct Messages. While users can follow accounts for free, some content is only available to paying subscribers, not to free followers.

Creators on Fanvue can make money in different ways. Subscriptions are the main income source, but they can also earn extra through tips, selling standalone content, pay-to-view messages, and more. In other words, they can make money in various ways, not just through subscriptions.

Earnings on Fanvue are unlimited! You have complete control and take home 85% of your earnings for the first 3 months and 80% thereafter. There are creators on the platform making hundreds of thousands each month, like Aitana, the AI influencer making $10,000.

3. FanTime

FanTime is a platform that allows creators to have their website instead of creating an account. Creators can customize their page with their choice of logo and colors, making it more personalized.

Creators can connect their Twitter accounts to their FanTime page, making it easier to attract fans from their Twitter following. FanTime’s monthly subscription fees range from $5 to $50, and creators are paid 80% of their earnings weekly, with FanTime keeping 20%.

One key feature of FanTime is that creators can contact the designated Copyright Agent for FanTime if they think their material was used without their consent. FanTime’s minimum payout threshold is $20, and creators can request a payout once they have reached this threshold.

FanTime may not have as many features as other platforms, but its simplicity and ease of use make it an appealing alternative for creators who want to create their website and have control over their branding.

4. Fanhouse

Fanhouse and OnlyFans are both social media platforms where creators can make money by posting content for their subscribers. The main differences between them are:

  • Fanhouse is for all types of content creators, while OnlyFans is mostly for adult content creators.
  • Fanhouse has a tiered subscription model, while OnlyFans has a single subscription price.
  • Fanhouse takes a lower commission than OnlyFans.
  • Fanhouse offers more payment options than OnlyFans.
  • Fanhouse has a more modern user interface than OnlyFans.

5. PocketStars

PocketStars is a platform similar to OnlyFans that allows creators to monetize their content through subscriptions, pay-per-view content, and tips. Creators can set their subscription prices and earn from custom content requests.

One unique feature of PocketStars is that it offers creators the ability to sell NFTs (non-fungible tokens) directly through the platform, allowing fans to purchase copyrighted digital content that nobody else has.

PocketStars’ minimum payout threshold is $100, and creators are paid every two weeks. PocketStars takes a 20% commission on earnings, and creators can earn additional income from referral bonuses. PocketStars may not have as many features as other platforms, but it offers creators the ability to sell NFTs, making it a unique and exciting alternative to OnlyFans.

OnlyFans and PocketStars are social media platforms where creators can make money by posting content for their subscribers. The main differences between them are:

  • Target Audience: OnlyFans is primarily known for adult content and is marketed towards creators in the adult entertainment industry. PocketStars, on the other hand, caters to a wider range of content creators, including fitness, beauty, and lifestyle influencers, as well as adult content creators.
  • OnlyFans has a single subscription price, while PocketStars allows creators to offer different content tiers.
  • OnlyFans takes a 20% commission, while PocketStars takes a 15% commission.
  • OnlyFans only allows payments through credit card, while PocketStars offers more payment options.
  • OnlyFans has a simple user interface, while PocketStars has a more customizable one.

6. MYM.fans

MYM, which stands for Meet Your Model, allows creators to form unique relationships with their fans in a close community. Creators can post public and private content, and fans can request custom content at a rate set by the creator.

Creators make money via subscriptions, tips, private media, custom media, and push media sent to fans via DM. MYM recommends accounts start with at least twenty media posts. Creators can send grouped messages via the Push feature and MYM takes 25% of earnings.

7. ManyVids

For creators of adult content, ManyVids offers a secure and supportive platform to sell videos, photos, and more. With a range of monetization options, including video sales, custom content, and live streaming, ManyVids caters to a diverse array of content creators in the adult entertainment industry.

8. Fanso

Fanso is a subscription-based community marketplace that allows creators to own and run their platform, making it different from other platforms. Creators can monetize their live-streaming content using tokens and sell their merchandise, including digital and physical products, using the built-in eCommerce store.

One unique feature of Fanso is that it offers a free demo, so creators can try out the platform before committing to it.

Creators on Fanso can customize their subscription pricing and have unlimited streaming minutes. They can also create Instagram-like stories and sell them on a newsfeed. Fanso is highly customizable and offers 100% access to the source code.

The one-time fee for a starter, self-hosted account is $699, making it a more significant investment than other platforms. Fanso is an OnlyFans clone script, but it offers several unique features that creators may find appealing.

9. IsMyGirl

IsMyGirl is a platform that caters to adult entertainers and models, but it also allows creators in other niches. Creators on IsMyGirl can earn from subscriptions, pay-per-view content, and tips. They can also sell merchandise, including physical products and custom content. One unique feature of IsMyGirl is that it offers a VIP program that allows fans to access exclusive content and communicate with creators directly.

IsMyGirl’s minimum payout threshold is $100, and creators are paid every two weeks. IsMyGirl takes a 30% commission on earnings, which is higher than other platforms, but it offers a VIP program that may make it worthwhile for some creators.

IsMyGirl may not have as many features as other platforms, but it offers a unique VIP program that allows creators to connect with their most dedicated fans.

10. Okfans


If you’re looking for a platform similar to OnlyFans that allows you to monetize your content, Okfans is worth checking out. Formerly known as FanPage, Okfans takes a 20% commission on your earnings. You can earn from subscriptions, paid content, messages, and tips on this platform.

As a content creator on Okfans, you can post videos and photos on your profile, live stream for your followers, and choose to share content to subscribers only, everyone, or set a custom price.

One unique aspect of Okfans is that it encourages creators to plan and time-block to keep up with content creation demands and cross-collaborate to create content with creators in the same niche to build a community and share followers. The minimum payout threshold is higher than other platforms at $150, and you can earn a 5% commission for referrals.

11. iFans

ifans logo

iFans is a subscription-based social media platform that supports all types of creators, including those in the adult entertainment industry. One of the standout features of iFans is its referral program, which offers creators a 5% lifetime bonus for any earnings made by creators they invite to the platform.

Additionally, iFans provides a user-friendly analytics dashboard, which is useful for tracking earnings and audience engagement.

Creators on iFans can keep 80% of their earnings, which is a higher percentage than some other platforms. iFans also allows creators to earn a commission on purchases made by anyone they refer to another creator via a tag. Another useful feature is the “Share for Share” option, which lets creators share each other’s audiences through mutual tagging.

Why Did We Rank Fansly Above FanTime?

Fansly has been around longer and has a larger user base, making it easier for creators to attract subscribers. Additionally, Fansly has more advanced security measures in place to protect both creators and users from scams and fraud.

Another factor that puts Fansly ahead is its payment system. With Fansly, creators have more options for earning money, including subscriptions, tips, and content packs. Plus, Fansly offers protection against chargebacks, which is a major concern for many content creators.

How Did We Rank Onlyfans Competitors?

To rank the OnlyFans competitors, we first looked at their popularity and user base. We used Google Trends to determine which platforms were getting more searches and traffic. We also looked at each platform’s unique features, payout options, payment security, and commission rates.

Based on our research, we ranked the top OnlyFans alternatives. Fansly came out on top because of its high level of security and protection for both creators and users. It also has a growing user base and offers multiple payment options for creators to monetize their content. 

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