If you have used OnlyFans as a creator, you probably have stumbled upon a problem that banks don’t want to accept incoming payments from OnlyFans because they consider that a “risk industry”. This might leave you in a very uncomfortable position. You’ve worked hard, but you can’t withdraw the money you have earned.

What could happen if you choose the wrong banking partner?

– No option to withdraw money
– Can’t reinvest your money
– Risk of having your funds frozen indefinitely
– Registering with a new bank can be a lengthy process

It can be highly un-motivating. This is why I recommend making more than one bank account that is willing to work with OnlyFans creators.

Luckily there are some alternative banks that do accept payments from OnlyFans, whether you are in Europe or in the United States I have some suggestions.

Alternative Banks That Accept OnlyFans Payments

Accepts OnlyFans Payments

Previously known as Bitsafe is another alternative banking system that does accept payments from OnlyFans. Banks are more hesitant to new ideas and new businesses. That’s where Yoursafe comes in. You will have a bank account where you can pay and get paid.

  • IBAN
  • Debit Card

Your IBAN will be trusted worldwide, and you will be able to send and receive payments globally. Personally, this is the service I use now. It took me a while to signup, KYC was very complex. But keep in mind I was opening a business account; I’m not sure if it’s so complicated with personal accounts. But once you finish the KYC, it’s simple and stress-free for now. You never know in this industry.

Accepts OnlyFans Payments

Multi-currency online payment processing fintech company that will allow you to create individual and business accounts. One of the rare banks that allow you to accept payments from Onlyfans. Their KYC isn’t strict, quite easy to open account and connect to Onlyfans accounts.

  • Multi-currency
  • Bank transfers

You have probably heard about Wise. Formerly known as TransferWise. It’s a UK-based fintech startup. Made its name by enabling cheap and fast international money transfers. It’s not only limited to the UK. You can create a personal or business account in most European countries. It’s multi-currency friendly, you can withdraw and hold multiple currencies.

Fun fact: Richard Brandson is one of the investors in Wise.

Use To Accept OnlyFans Payments (On-Hold)

Online payment processing platform that allows individuals and businesses to accept and make electronic payments securely and efficiently. One of the rare banking that does accept payments from OnlyFans.

  • Debit cards
  • Bank transfers
  • E-wallets

I personally used ePay services for quite some time, but all of a sudden, they froze my account. My funds are still stuck inside their system, but the support offered me to return everything to my Onlyfans account, hasn’t happened yet. Do I recommend them? No! Too much of a risk, but if you don’t have other options, you might give it a shot.

When it comes to your business and banking, we do recommend getting multiple accounts. If for some reason, ePayservices decides to change its policy and no longer accepts payments from OnlyFans, your business basically stops, and not only you don’t get access to your own funds, you lose out on possible future opportunities.

Accepts OnlyFans Payments(Limited)

Skrill is a great way and a great platform to receive and send payments. It does allow one to receive payments from OnlyFans directly if you are an individual, but lately, we have heard reports that there are some problems if you are LLC or any other registered company.

  • Credit & debit cards
  • Bank transfers
  • E-wallets

Overall, Skrill is a versatile and secure payment platform that provides a range of features and benefits to individuals and businesses looking to make and receive payments online besides OnlyFans.

Side-by-side comparison

Accepts OnlyFans:YesYesYesYes
Accepts OnlyFans(Business):YesYesNoYes
Processing Speed:SlowMediumMediumSlow
Country of Jurisdiction:NetherlandsUKEngland & WalesMalta
Official OnlyFans Partner:NoNoNoYes
Registration Fee:FreeFreeFreeFree

All three of the services accept payments from OnlyFans, but there are some reports that Skrill doesn’t allow you to receive payments if you have a registered LLC. They only allow receiving payments if you are an individual person.

All in all, they are quite similar services in their nature. We recommend creating accounts on all 3 websites. Policies change, things happen, and losing a bank account means you lose your source of income. Think ahead, and don’t let this happen to you.

What Is The Best Payout System For OnlyFans?

I personally recommend Yoursafe. I used to use ePayservices before, but right now my main bank account is Yoursafe. that’s the main banking system I use to withdraw my fund from OnlyFans.

If you have worked in this industry you know there aren’t many options. This one works and I can recommend it personally.

Why Do Banks Don’t Allow To Receive Payments From OnlyFans?

Most banks and payment processors have policies in place that prohibit transactions related to adult content and their services, and OnlyFans by banks is considered an adult content site.

This is because banks and most payment processors are regulated financial institutions, and they consider OnlyFans to be a risky industry, and due to that, they won’t accept payments.

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