We all have that one person in our lives who is posting provocative pictures online, but you are not sure why, and you think to yourself, maybe she has an Onlyfans account. Let’s go through the steps to find out if someone has an Onlyfans account.

There are over 2 MILLION registered Onlyfans creators, so the odds of your neighbor or classmate having an account are greater than you might have thought.

This article will be helpful if you are planning to start an OnlyFans account and you have privacy concerns, you will know how to prevent people from finding your account.

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First, you have to identify the potential creator. This is best done by looking at how they present themselves online and answering the key questions. Do their pictures tend to be hotter than average? Do they use provocative captions? Do they do photoshoots with many different photographers? Are their posts scheduled systematically? Do they take photos with other women, and they look like they might have an account themselves? 

If most of the answers to these questions are YES, then odds are she does have an account. But how to make sure?

Search Internally on Onlyfans

Search for the model’s name/username on OnlyFans: If the model has an OnlyFans account, there’s a chance her account might pop up, but the odds are against you with this method. It’s rare that models use their real names. Try her Instagram or other social media handles. This is usually the first step.

Check Their Social Media Accounts

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Explore the model’s social media presence: Numerous content creators leverage their social media platforms to showcase and promote their OnlyFans accounts.

Check popular platforms like Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok for a potential link to their OnlyFans account. While direct links are usually restricted due to social media platform policies, creators commonly use services like Linktree to cleverly disguise links to OnlyFans. This practice helps them navigate the restrictions and maintain a discreet connection with their audience.

Link usage is the key. Follow the links and you might find something.

There’s a third-party website called Socialcatfish. If you have a name, email address, phone, images, address, and username, you can try to find the person using their service. The website not only gives you more details about the person, but you can actually determine whether the person you are talking to is real or not.

Check On Reddit


If the person is promoting her content, she might be using Reddit. Try to search for her Instagram handle or name on Reddit. Something might pop up. If not, try to search some popular NSFW subreddits. Browse through the content.

You might have to invest a few hours and still find nothing since Reddit is a huge platform for Onlyfans models. You have to really become a detective and invest time.

Check out the best Redditors with OnlyFans accounts.

Use Her Email To Signup For Onlyfans

use email to signup on onlyfans to findout if she has onlyfans

I believe this one has the biggest success rate. It’s easy to find a person’s email address these days. It’s often mentioned somewhere on social platforms. In the worst case, you can create a reason to ask them for their email.

So in order to figure out whether a person has an Onlyfans account using an email, you have to do the following. You initiate a new account registration. Fill in any name, followed by their email, and then create any password. If the registration goes through, the person does not have an account registered with that email address. If you get the following error, they definitely have registered an account.

This does not automatically mean they are a creator because they might use it for a different purpose, such as enjoying other creators or just out of curiosity, but without a doubt, this takes you one step closer to the truth and makes a curious case.

Ask Her

Ask the person directly: If you have a way to contact the model, you can ask them directly if they have an OnlyFans account. Keep in mind that they may choose not to share this information, or they may have a policy of not engaging with fans in this way, but there’s a chance you might get a message with an OF link if she believes you are a potential customer.

Try OnlyFinder

There’s a website Onlyfinder. It’s a third-party website. You can search for Onlyfans models using their location, age, ethnicity, etc. If you are going to search by state or country, she might not show up if she has blocked the particular country or state so their neighbors and friends can’t find her, but there’s a chance you can find her there.

Use a VPN

Onlyfans has an option for Geoblock visitors based on their location. That means if you are located in, let’s say, Italy, and if the model does not wish people from the same country to visit her profile, it will give you this error:

of error

This way, the platform tries to fool you into thinking the page does not exist, but you can’t be fooled right – you read MasteringOnlyfans.com 😉 So we recommend always using a VPN to artificially change your location on the internet and bypass this block. 

Pro tip – geoblocking may work as a honeypot and make a reverse effect. If you ever just browse Onlyfans and get the aforementioned error, you have probably struck someone from your country who might be of interest to you. So, all it takes is to change your location in your VPN settings, and if that fixes it, then it’s guaranteed the creator is from the country that was blocked. 

Is It Cheating If You Have An OnlyFans Account?

communication in relationship

Whether having an OnlyFans account constitutes cheating depends on the boundaries and agreements within your relationship. OnlyFans is a platform where content creators, often share naked pictures and videos for money. If both partners in a relationship are comfortable and have communicated openly about the presence of an OnlyFans account, and there is mutual consent, then it is not cheating.

However, every relationship is unique, and individuals have different expectations and boundaries. If one partner engages in activities that the other finds hurtful, deceptive, or in violation of their agreed-upon relationship norms, it can be considered a breach of trust and may be seen as cheating.

Effective communication is the cornerstone of a healthy relationship. If your husband or boyfriend openly shares his OnlyFans involvement with you, there should be no cause for concern. However, if he conceals his activities and engages in private conversations with OnlyFans models without your knowledge, it may lead to feelings of betrayal and hurt, potentially being perceived as a breach of trust or cheating.


How can I find out if my girlfriend has an OnlyFans account?

You can try using her email address to signup to the platform. If you receive an error with text “this email address is already registered” you will know she has an accounts, but it doesn’t necessarily means she is sharing something there.

How do I know if my ex is on OnlyFans?

If your ex has started to post pictures that are barely safe for work, and she posts them like clockwork, it is very likely she does have an account. Best way to make sure is to scan through all of her socials and look for a link. If you don’t find one, look for a link on your ex’s friend accounts. Subscribe to them and see if they are not cross-promoting each other internally on Onlyfans using SFS (shoutout for shoutout). 

How to find out if your husband or boyfriend has an OnlyFans account?

Initiate a new account creation by clicking on “Sign up for OnlyFans”. Fill in any name, your husband’s/boyfriends email address, and any password. If you get an error saying, “This email is already registered with OnlyFans”, your husband definitely has an OnlyFans account. There’s a chance they might have created the accounts out of curiosity and are not actively using it.

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