If you have used Onlyfans for a while, you probably have noticed that model messages you. You see the preview, but the message disappears as soon as you open it. Why is that?

There’s a known Onlyfans glitch with messages. Sometimes a creator sends you a message, you receive a notification, see the preview, open the chat log, and there’s nothing there. That’s a glitch from Onlyfan’s platform. Or there’s another option the creator sent you a message, perhaps a mass massage, and after a while deleted the message.

So if you see your Onlyfans messages disappearing, you are not the only one. Onlyfans support is aware of this problem. They know it exists, but no action still hasn’t been taken from their side.

How Do You Know If Someone Has Read Your Message on OnlyFans?

If you are a user, you will be able to see whether a model has read your message or not. You will see a 1 thick if the message is delivered and you will see 2 thicks if the creator has opened up your message and read it.

There’s a catch. Onlyfans platform is glitchy, so sometimes the 2 thick doesn’t appear until your refresh the page.

See the screenshots below.

After I refreshed the page I noticed 2 thicks.

Creators have the same rules as users do. 1 thick if the message is delivered and 2 thicks if the user has opened up the message and read it.

Pretty straightforward system. Just as Whatsapp, Messenger, Telegram, Skype, etc. When you send a message on OnlyFans, you will see a timestamp indicating when the message was sent. When you see 2 timestamps the messages are read.

Note: It’s important to respect people’s privacy and boundaries and not pressure them to respond if they are uncomfortable doing so.

Do Messages Expire on OnlyFans?

No. Onlyfans doesn’t have a feature like Snapchat where you can send disappearing messages. However Onlyfans creators have the option to delete any messages, but they only have a 24-hour time limit to delete the message otherwise it stays there forever.

Do OnlyFans Creators Send Messages To Everyone?

It depends. Onlyfans creators have the option to set up a welcoming message that goes out to everyone that subscribes.

Another option is a mass message. A creator can blast a mass message to all of their followers. There’s a limit to how many of these you can send per day. So there’s a chance that the creator is just sending the message to everyone. However many Onlyfans models send messages individually to their followers, just to start chatting. You can always ask the model directly.


Does the double checkmark on OnlyFans means they seen the message?

Yes, a double checkmark means that the person has opened up the message and read it. One checkmark means it’s delivered. Two checkmarks mean it’s opened and read.

Can you screenshot DMS on OnlyFans?

It’s not prohibited to screenshot on Onlyfans. It is forbidden to share this content with anyone else. Technically you are allowed to take screenshots of DM’s, but you are not allowed to share it with anyone else.

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