Messaging is one of the features offered by the OnlyFans platform that allows members to interact with their favorite creators. Messages go both ways – creator to a member or the other way around. 

It can be exciting to see that a creator you are interested in is messaging you. But the nagging question also pops up: “Is this interaction real?” 

It’s easy to question whether you’re talking to a real person or just a bot. Here, we’ll discuss a few things that can enlighten you on this problem. 

Are There Bots on OnlyFans?

Technically, OnlyFans does have an automated message function. This allows creators to set up messages that serve as greetings or PPV content for their subscribers.

The creator can customize the initial Message and it can vary in length and content. However, subsequent messages either need to be scheduled or composed manually. 

At the moment, there are no indications that there are existing bots that initiate and maintain conversations with subscribers.

Interacting With Creators

Now that the main question has been addressed, does this mean that members are always assured that they are interacting with their favorite creator? Not necessarily. 

While some creators take the time and effort to message their fans personally, it’s very time consuming if you have hundreds of followers. This is especially the case for popular creators. 

Many, if not most popular creators, employ different strategies to continue communicating with their subscribers without having to do the actual talking themselves. Here are some examples of these methods:

Family or Friends

Growing OnlyFans creators may need help communicating with all their fans once the subscription count increases. One way to respond to all the DMs without breaking the bank is to enlist a family member or a friend to help them manage their chats. Some creators may also partner up with fellow creators to back them up in chats during busy periods.


Freelancers are an affordable and flexible way for creators to manage chats. These freelancers are hired to initiate or reply to chats instead of the creators themselves. It’s a fast and easy way to reply to DMs.


Most popular and high-earning creators are contracted with OnlyFans managers or management agencies. These agencies offer different services that offer convenience and improve the profitability of the creator. This includes content scheduling, social media management, and even DM management. 

While managers usually charge a fee or even a cut from creators’ income, their professionalism and experience in the field allow creators to trust them in many of the routine tasks associated with OnlyFans.

Professional Chatters/ Sexters

Another way that creators can maintain healthy communication with fans is by hiring professional chatters or even sexters. These individuals usually charge hourly rates and take turns, so creators’ DMs remain active and engaged for 24 hours daily. 

They are also seasoned in responding to chats and are already experienced when it comes to upselling PPV content. Some creators employ them full-time, while others hire chatters and sexters for a specified period when the creator isn’t available to engage with fans personally. 

Note: This mostly applies to top-tier models or celebrities. You shouldn’t assume that most models do this. Actually, most of the models reply to the messages themselves and interact with their followers.

The Ethics Question

Many creators justify having other people do their chats for them as a natural necessity. Well-known creators typically need more time to check and respond to every DM. This is why they employ methods to ensure each fan is attended to. 

However, some subscribers believe this action is unethical as they expect to communicate with the creator themself instead of a stranger on the other side of the screen. Some consider it misleading or even fraudulent, but some subscribers understand that many creators utilize DMs as a form of marketing rather than personal communication. 

The important thing is that the needs and queries of subscribers are attended to. Creators also need to ensure they are not violating any rules when chatting with subscribers.

How Can I Protect Myself From Fake Models?

While there are no actual bots in the OnlyFans chat service, one still has to be wary of fake models. These accounts create fake personas with the purpose of extracting money or information from subscribers. There are several ways to identify a fake model:

Check their social media. Most OnlyFans creators will have social media accounts to reach a wider fanbase and refer potential subscribers to their OnlyFans account.

Check for the blue tick mark. Creators are considered public figures/celebrities so Instagram will provide a verified status for legitimate creators.

-Take a look at their account. OnlyFans is strict with fake accounts and will try to identify and remove them from the platform. You can consult OnlyFans to check if an account has been verified.

See their content. Legit creators will regularly post content and will also offer custom ones. Check if the account does the same. You may also find inconsistent content, public domain photos, and stolen photos/videos in bogus accounts.

While bots may not be present in the platform, it still helps to be aware of the various possibilities when chatting with a creator. By being vigilant and checking, you will be able to identify malicious accounts you are better off avoiding.


Is it safe to chat in OnlyFans?

DMs in OnlyFans is kept private between the parties involved. Unless either of you shares the contents of the conversation, there is no need to worry about your chats being leaked.

Is chatting anonymous in OnlyFans?

No. DMs will be associated with your profile, so creators can tell that it’s you they were talking to. 

As for concealing your identity, this is only possible if you create your profile in a way that doesn’t associate with your real-life/offline identity. 

Do you need to be subscriber to chat with an OnlyFans creator?

If you want to chat with an OnlyFans model, you will need to subscribe to her, yes. Only afterward will you be able to send her a DM.

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