As an OnlyFans creator, it is apparent that the platform has been experiencing technical issues such as message delivery failures, website freezing, payment glitches, and other related problems.

Despite these problems, all you hear in the media is how much money the girls make on this platform. But is this true?

Let’s find out how much Onlyfans models are making on the platform, realistically.

Our team conducted interviews with four experienced OnlyFans models, and through our research, we obtained noteworthy data.

How Much Money Do OnlyFans Models Make?

DaneliaSummersCheekyKateTammyMommyBrandi Raee
2021, Jan1378,22100997,42
2021, Feb3981,8189954,35
2021, Mar6864,241137,80135398,24
2021, Apr7856,331790,84141708,78
2021, May12319,773328,21105225,81
2021, Jun12656,643668,24104627,68
2021, Jul26613,314891,1097480,16
2021, Aug28809,145240,7873564,55
2021, Sep30750,936780,0950605,77
2021, Oct20646,306218,0474563,09
2021, Nov27322,535891,1865934,41
2021, Dec22024,475346,3254001,86
2022, Jan17099,645122,2441883,70
2022, Feb6928,563824,57214,2441802,83
2022, Mar7227,423445,54415,7042762,03
2022, Apr6536,383262,751278,3237386,44
2022, May5622,083400,06880,3239462,24
2022, Jun4333,683444,69578,8942918,57
2022, Jul4532,423871,10667,0035148,06
2022, Aug6333,982932,02218,6642375,00
2022, Sep4400,862673,49278,5145796,09
2022, Oct4476,002588,05314,1432493,00
2022, Nov3742,441908,14324,5810162,09
2022, Dec3326,902171,23287,14651,75
2023, Jan2731,321866,52198,77415,05
2023, Feb1926,922079,89241,6513980,40
Currency: USD

The numbers look good, especially for some individual models. But it isn’t all rainbows and sunshine. The higher your numbers are, the more you have spent on advertising. It isn’t profit. It’s revenue.

It’s expensive to acquire a customer on your OnlyFans page. None of the models could tell how much they profit each month, but all of them said it’s less than half, after all, advertisement and taxes.

Danelia Summers has experienced a decrease of 93.74% in revenue from her peak income month.

Cheeky Kate has experienced a decrease of 69.32% in revenue from her peak income month.

Brandi Raee has experienced a decrease of 90.13% in revenue from her peak income month.

Danelia is among the top 5% of the creators, and at the top of her peak, she used to be 0.14%. Brandi used to be in the 0.01% of the creators, and now she is at 0.34% of the creators.

Why Are OnlyFans Numbers Dropping?

According to Google Trends, Onlyfan’s peak was in August 2021. We can also see that models that share their data had a good month back then, but according to the graph. Onlyfans is growing in popularity stably, but why do the models see a decrease in their revenue? What’s the problem? Is the platform at fault? Is the supply bigger than the demand? Let’s ask the models.

Danelia Summers

So for me personally, the biggest income was from chatting and actually interacting with the fans. I would be whatever they wanted me to be. But around 3rd quarter of 2021, I noticed some problems with the messaging. The direct messages would take at least 10 times as long to send out and to reach the fans. Sometimes the messages would never ever reach the person, and sometimes I would not get their messages. Has this been fixed? It is hard to tell. The symptoms, such as the sending time are not there anymore, but if my message would reach about 30% of people within 24 hours, now it is closer to about 0.5%. I have fans, but I cannot reach them. That is a shame.

Brandi Raee

I have been doing this since August 2019 and my biggest takeaway from the constant downward trend is simple – most of the fans that rotate between models from internal promotions (shoutout for shoutout) have access to many girls free of charge. So in a way, they have found a loophole to never pay for the content. And the only way the person would be willing to pay for content is if you are very different from the rest – you must have a unique personality that does not just revolve around good looks. How to do that? That is literally a million-dollar question.


According to models – Onlyfans is on a downtrend. According to graphics – Onlyfans is booming. Where is the truth in this? I think the truth is somewhere in the middle. Opening up Onlyfans, all you see is a sea of pu**y and women.

Why would men pay for this? At the end of the day, there’s no difference between these girls besides shape & size.

I believe most men have concluded that as well. They talked to one girl and then to another and then another, but the conversation stayed the same. Just naked girls that don’t show their personality. That gets boring really fast.

The biggest earners on Onlyfans are celebrities. They don’t do internal promotions. They attract their fans from outside the platform, they bring in external traffic to Onlyfans.

I think that’s the biggest takeaway if you want to be successful on Onlyfans you have to create your personality outside the platform, have to get loyal fans on your social media and only then you can convert them into paying Onlyfans subscribers and you can’t sell your fans to other girls, that strategy should be off the menu.

if you are not willing to do that, we believe you will face hard times.

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