If you’re an Instagram user, the chances are that you have stumbled upon models that have started showing nipples in their posts.

They have thousands, and sometimes even millions of followers, and these pictures are shocking in a way since this hasn’t been allowed before, and they get even more shares and likes than ever before.

Is this allowed only to some specific models, or is this a new trend that we will see? Let’s find out.

Are You Allowed To Show Nipples On Instagram?

On Instagram, there’s a rule that says you can’t show lady nipples because they’re considered to be sexually explicit content. But sometimes, Instagram models can show their nipples if they’re covered up by clothes that are see-through or if the nipple is part of a piece of art or a photo that’s not meant to be sexual. Sometimes, if an Instagram model is really popular or famous, they might be able to show more nipples than regular people. But it’s up to Instagram to decide if it’s okay or not.

These are the rules, so let’s take a look at some of these pictures:

Eva Menta showing nipples on Instagram

Alex Mucci showing nipples on Instagram

Francety showing nipple on Instagram

RIAE showing nipple on Instagram

Vicky OHW showing nipple on Instagram

You might be wondering what will happen if you have 10 000 followers on Instagram and you decide to get some more followers by showing your nipples on your page.

You will get banned. The rules aren’t equal for everyone. Alex Mucci, Eva Menta, Francely, etc. all these models have millions of followers. They have different rules, you might not like it, but the evidence is right on your screen.

If any other model decides to do this, they will get banned, but for some reason, these models are allowed, why? We don’t know, but what we do know all of the models on the list interact with each other. Either they know how to break the rules and not get caught, or they have an insider on Instagram that has made sure they will not get banned.

Or perhaps they will be the faces of the free nipple campaign and right now they are genuine pigs in testing out how these pictures affect society and Instagram users, how many complaints there will be, etc.

Can you show nipples through a shirt on Instagram?

Technically, you can show nipples through a shirt on Instagram as long as the nipples are covered by the fabric of the shirt.

However, if the nipples are visible through a sheer or mesh shirt or if the shirt is wet and clinging to the skin, Instagram may consider the image to be sexually suggestive and may remove it.

You might say that you have seen such content before on Instagram and we are aware of this as well, but the guidelines on nipples aren’t clear from Meta.


If you read Instagram Community Guidelines you won’t really feel any more knowledgeable about this topic. The guidelines are unclear. A lot of things are subject to interpretation, what may be acceptable in one content or culture may not be in another, ultimately the decision to allow or remove a picture is at the discretion on Instagram.

Our opinion is simple. All of these girls either have a good connection on Instagram that has ensured them they can show their nipples on their posts and won’t get banned or Instagram itself is testing how this movement will affect the users, how many complaints will they receive, will people be angry or happy by seeing this, how will this affect childer, etc.

Simply they are using these models as guinea piggies, to get the answers and make a decision. Who knows maybe, every girl on Instagram soon enough will be allowed to show nipples.

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